MPX is a multi-input extension for the X Window System. It would allow, if hardware permits for touchscreen input, for multi-touch access of the GUI. For mice, it could allow up to 18 working mouse pointers in one instance.

MPX won't be built into the currently upcoming X.Org release, X11R7.4. Instead, while it was already merged in March 2008, it will be packaged as part of X11R7.5.

MPX and FurbuntuEdit

  • Multi-touch: While most desktop distributions will benefit greatly from MPX if they use X11R7.5 in hardware settings that allow or demand for its usage, Furbuntu and other furry-oriented themes and distributions may have to design themselves around multi-touch access.
  • Collaboration: Art projects, such as those at conventions, will benefit greatly from the collaborative access that MPX on a touchscreen will allow. Applications that could easily invite graphically-collaborative access include Inkscape and GIMP, primarily graphics creation applications.



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